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Floating plants will clear murky water. They will also provide cover for fish, & frogs.
All Floating Plants Water Hyacinth Water Lettuce

Submerged plants oxygenate the water. They also provide great spawning media for fish eggs. All Submerged Plants Anacharis Cabomba

Shelf plants, also known as bog plants, work great around the perimeter of the pond. These plants require planting/potting.
Flowering Bog Plants Low Growing Bog Plants Arrowhead Bog Plants Iris Bog Plants Cattails, Rushes, & Reeds

Tropical bog plants are large & display a wider range of colors than hardy varieties. Tropical plants don't survive the winter. Requires potting. Tropical Flowering Bog Plants Tropical Palms & Papyrus Tropical Taro Bog Plants Tropical Canna Bog Plants

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